Rebol is ...

A lightweight, expressive language in a small package.

  • create optimized, domain-specific languages for code and data
  • create cross-platform applications for Windows, Linux and macOS
  • supports many different programming styles
  • no installation required

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Industrial Automation
Rebol makes complex tasks simple, and it is used in world class, industrial automation products like ZOE by Atronix
"A more modern language, but with some very similar ideas to Lisp, in that it's all built upon a representation of data which is then executable as programs"
Douglas Crockford in The JSON Saga
Web Application
Rebol can be used to power highly, scalable websites. It has the ability to connect directly to MySQL, and other databases using ODBC. It has been used to run forums and secure, messaging systems like AltME
DSL Creation
Rebol has a powerful parsing syntax that allows you to create domain-specific languages quickly and easily.

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